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For starters, brand new phones do not have root access by default. So if it is a brand new Android phone, it is not rooted and does not have root access. Check the applications. In the process of rooting the Android, an application called "SuperUser" or "SU" is often but not always installed. This is the program that will determine if certain "superuser" commands are allowed to be used. If you see a superuser program installed, then it is most likely rooted.

And, if you're still unsure, you will want to use an app to verify if the phone has root access. Root Checker Basic is a free app from the Play Store or app market that will tell you whether or not the phone has root access.

Another simple way to find out is to download and install a "terminal" client on the phone. A "terminal" is a text-based window that allows us to run commands on Linux devices such as an Android phone or tablet.

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It is the command line interface for Linux, similar to DOS. Upon opening the terminal, if you see a " ", then the phone has root access and is in superuser mode. Type "date" and press enter.

How to tell if your Android is rooted

It should display the date and time. If the date does not display, then the terminal doesn't work, try downloading another terminal client.

Otherwise, type "su" without the quotes. Google says that the cameras can show what HDR shots will look like in real-time, so you know in advance whether an HDR shot will actually come out or not. Both phones also include screens with 90 Hz refresh rates, which should make scrolling and other animations look a bit smoother than phones with typical 60 Hz refresh rates, and a radar chip in the top sensor stack, allowing some apps to be controlled by waving a hand over the phone.

Other than screen size, both phones share most of the same specs, including a Snapdragon processor, 18 W USB-C fast charging, and either 64 or GB of storage. We cover less expensive models in our guide to budget Android phones. These are also the first Samsung phones to drop the headphone jack. The only reason to buy a Note 10 over a Pixel or the Galaxy S10e is if you cannot live without the S Pen stylus, and that describes very few people.

Asus also has a poor track record with OS updates. Asus could become a real midrange contender if it continues improving. The super-tall screen ratio makes split-screen multitasking easier, and you can watch movies without black bars. However, the device is so tall that apps can feel cramped, and all the buttons and the fingerprint sensor are awkwardly clustered on the right edge. The phone is also blocky and huge, making it torturous to hold for long periods.

Tracking iPhone Browser History

The 6. It looks good on paper with an AI-powered five-camera array, an in-display fingerprint sensor, and a Snapdragon processor. Plus, the haptic feedback is almost as good as on the Pixel 3. The Nokia Android One version of Android is also fast and gets regular updates. The camera can take impressive photos, but processing a single photo can take as long as 20 seconds, and the rest of the phone slows to a crawl. On top of that, the in-screen fingerprint reader is abysmally slow and inaccurate. The design is quite ugly, though, and the fingerprint sensor sits in an inconvenient location on the back.

The software is also plagued by bugs. Although the Moto Z3 Play is an unlocked phone that works on all carriers, its price tag is unusually steep for a phone with midrange specs such as a Snapdragon processor and a substandard camera. The BlackBerry KEY2 is the only current-generation Android phone with a physical keyboard, but you pay for that with a smaller screen and a chunky overall design.

Simply turning on your phone should not be so frustrating.

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You can get a better phone for much less. Google sometimes provides support beyond its stated timelines, too; the original Pixel and Pixel XL will be getting the Android Q update even though Google promised to deliver Android version updates for those phones only through October Raymond M. Lexy Savvides, Pixel 3 vs. Our pick.

How to Spy on a Samsung Mobile Phone?

Google Pixel 3a Best Android smartphone The best version of Android with guaranteed updates through May , plus class-leading camera performance, makes the Pixel 3a feel as good as phones that cost twice as much. Google Pixel 3a XL Best big Android smartphone The 3a XL has the same excellent version of Android as the 3a but offers a bigger, 6-inch display and better battery life. Upgrade pick.

Also great. Everything we recommend Our pick. Why you should trust us How we picked and tested Should you upgrade? Most flagship Android phones use similar processors, so performance differences are largely due to software. Phones that have fewer manufacturer and carrier modifications run better and are easier to use. Display: Most people spend several hours every day looking at their smartphone screen. Camera: The best camera is the one you have with you. To get our recommendation, a smartphone needs to take better photos than other devices in its price range.

If the phone lasts until bedtime, its battery life is good enough.

Sms spy samsung galaxy note 5

A poorly constructed phone or one made with subpar materials could break before you even finish paying it off through a carrier. Photo: Ryan Whitwam Our pick. Photo: Ryan Whitwam Upgrade pick. Photo: Ryan Whitwam Runner-up. Photo: Ryan Whitwam Also great. Jump back. Await the arrival of your phone — which comes pre-installed with your FlexiSPY subscription. No it is not.

You can get software support from FlexiSPY.

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